It is the dawn of the Fourth Age. The rule of the Dragon-Kings came to an end over 100 years ago and it has been over 300 since the destruction of the old Imperial Republic. Now the land and its people are recovering from both the devastation of the dragons and the great war that brought about their downfall. Having risen from the ashes, the revived city of Emon has given life to a new republic in the west, while in the east Westruun declared itself the Free City and would stand independent of any rulers beyond its walls, whether they be kings or councils.

The great cities of this age, such as Emon, Syngorn, and Westruun, are bastions of civilization within the lands of Tal’Dorei, but much of it remains an untamed wilderness and has yet to be reclaimed. Fell beasts and monsters known as dragonspawn, which were created and bred by the Dragon-Kings and the Coven, still roam the wilder lands endangering any who encroach on their domains. The Dragon-Kings were also not alone in coming to this world from the Nether. For with them they brought their dragonflights as well as demons of the ancient world who now look hungrily upon the mortal realm. Many ruins of the old Republic also remain haunted by the lingering and angry spirits of those who lost their lives during the dark years of the Dragon-Kings' rule.

Truly this age is one in need of noble heroes and bold explorers, for who else is there to face these dire threats and return light to a shadowed world.


A Brief History: The Fall of the Imperial Republic and the Reign of the Dragon-Kings

Map of Tal'Dorei

Tal'Dorei: Dawn of the Fourth Age

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